About Us


We work on a "no win no fee" basis.  We will agree a percentage fee in advance, or a fixed fee if preferred, which we will then confirm in writing.


Our principal is PETER WEBLEY LL.B. who is a law graduate with over 35 years experience in dealing with insurance claims.


How We Work


We will deal with your claim arising from your non-fault accident from start to finish.


Where the accident is not clear-cut or where liability is in dispute, we have produced plans and taken photographs, which have often resulted in the other insurance company then changing its mind and paying the claim.


Where insurance companies have been reluctant to meet the claim we have assisted clients by taking proceedings in the County Court - Small Claims Track (generally where the sum claimed is less that £5,000), producing very effective results. As solicitors' costs normally cannot be claimed in such cases we offer a real value alternative for those who would not have pursued such claims.